Read This Before You Get Started on SF 3112 Fillable Form

A severe injury or chronic illness may permanently take you out of work as a federal worker. In such instances, applying for federal disability retirement benefits is the logical and reasonable choice. However, there are a lot of forms that must be filled in a certain manner as decreed by OPM in order to get and stay on the program.

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When you opt to go into the federal disability retirement  program, you will be required to fill in form SF 3112A. This is also called the Applicant’s Statement of Disability form which you can download here. Form 3112A and the details contained therein may either make or break your claim for compensation as an injured federal worker. This form will be filled in by you and your legal expert, and you will be required to craft a compelling case that justifies your entitlement to compensation under federal disability retirement.

Form SF 3112A : Your Medicals Carry All The Weight

It is worth noting that your medical condition and the accompanying medical report will tip the scales in your favor because this is incontrovertible evidence that can stand up to scrutiny. It is important that you describe your occupational illness or injury in a manner that is compelling, detailing its severity and how the specific injury or injuries stop you from carrying out work duties. With the help of your federal disability retirement benefits attorney, you will establish a causal relationship between your injury or illness and the fact that you won’t be able to perform essential work duties.

Don’t Forget These While Filling in Form SF 3112A

In general, Form SF 3112A should contain an exhaustive list of all the symptoms that come with your injuries or occupational disease, what you cannot do at work due to these injuries or conditions, what you were diagnosed with as well as the ICD 10’s, and home-related activities that you are currently struggling with such as stair climbing, eating, maintaining a clean house and so on.

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Form SF 3112 should not be filled out on your own because 1) You may not have the experience with regard to creating compelling arguments and 2) You may not show, as a layman, the causal connection between your condition and your inability to work. It must be filled in with the help of your attorney after your medical report is ready so it can be sent to OPM when it is complete and bulletproof. If you’d like help with advancing your federal disability retirement compensation application, no matter what stage of the process you’re in, please contact us at 1-855-233-3002 to speak with an experienced and friendly federal disability retirement compensation lawyer. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.