Reasons Why You Need an Attorney for Federal Workers’ Compensation

Getting injured on the job as a federal employee can happen out of the blue, putting you out of commission as you wait for treatment. You may have worked for the government for a year or 40 years; that being said, you expect that you’ll be given the needed care to make a full recovery as well as compensated for any lost sick days and more. However, this isn’t always the case, and you may find yourself playing a game of cat and mouse with the government, with your claims adjuster at the helm of this chase.

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Experience and Knowledge of The Law  

A federal workers’ compensation attorney isn’t a luxury or unnecessary if you’ve suffered an injury; they are mandatory. For starters, these attorneys understand federal law as it relates to the OWCP and benefits. If you decide to go up against the government on your own, you won’t be playing with a full deck of cards and will probably have your claims denied. You need someone well-versed in the law and a professional who has the experience to take on your case and win it.

Get Expert Medical and Financial Help

The second reason why you need a lawyer is because they will provide you with the resources you’ll need as you prepare to forward your case to the relevant bodies. For example, they will recommend and put you in touch with a federal workers’ compensation doctor who has carried out diagnoses and dispensed treatment to people who were in your exact position in the past. In addition, since they’ll be taking on your case, they may provide you with a living stipend that you can use to take care of your needs until a time when you are able to access your benefits and compensation.

Federal Workers’ Compensation Denial

An attorney can also help reverse any denials if you get in touch with them in a timely manner. On top of that, they will be of great help in the future if you receive information that your FECA benefits may soon be discontinued via reinstatement by proving that your injuries are still interfering with your work performance.

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