Reopening an OWCP Claim – Do This To Be Successful

OWCP, at their sole discretion, can make a ruling that effectively closes your file, effectively locking you out of compensation. While this may seem cruel, it is well within the legal jurisdiction and ability of OWCP. However, this shouldn’t be the end all and be all when it comes to your compensation as an injured federal worker: there are legal ways around this which we’ll talk about in this post.

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OWCP May Allege Your Condition Has Resolved

One of the main reasons why your OWCP claims examiner will close your file is if they deem that your condition has successfully resolved and that you are reasonably healthy. In addition, your claim may be closed due to lack of activity on your file which may mean a number of things that may not be apparent to your OWCP claims examiner.

OWCP Claims are Dependent on Your Medical File

Your receiving compensation from OWCP relies heavily on the information on your medical file. It is possible that you may still be injured and suffering complications, but because a physician with little knowledge of how to asses injuries sustained by injured federal workers wrote your medical report, your claim may be closed.

How to Open Your OWCP Claim

In order to reopen your claim, it is important that your treating physician write a report directed to the claims examiner so they can take a look at the information once again. They will need to provide sustained medical rationale as to why your injury is still present and that treatment should continue until a time when you are sufficiently recovered; that being said, you may need treatment for the rest of your life if you suffered a severe injury or developed a chronic illness such as the case of an occupational illness.

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