Who’s Responsible for a Driverless Car Accident?

Self-driving, autonomous vehicles were seen as the stuff of science fiction up until a few years ago when companies such as Google, Ford and Tesla announced that they were creating driverless cars for the mass market. This is an interesting development as far as the American transportation is concerns, and brings to the forefront many legal questions regarding liability for driverless car accidents.

Americans Warming Up to Driverless Cars

Driverless cars such as the Tesla Model S have hit the market, with tens of thousands of Americans snatching up these sedans due their ease of use as well as fuel savings owing to the electrical component making these cars completely gas-free. Driverless cars usually come with warranties as well as instructions on how to operate them. These warranties become void when the driver does not operate the car in the manner the manufacturer intended for it to be operated, or does not maintain it in a proper and responsible way.

Driverless Car Technology

Driverless cars can navigate on their own for the most part. However, most of these come with technology that enables the driver to take back control of the car in the event of an emergency. Should this technology fail, the blame would lie on the manufacturer via a product liability lawsuit. However, if the car owner did not maintain the car, service it and use it as directed, they can be deemed negligent should they cause an accident while driving it.

False Sense of Security

Because driverless cars imbue their drivers with a false sense of security, federal organizations and the justice system in various states have come up with requirements and regulations that help keep all of us safe. For example, any manufacturer looking to launch an autonomous car must first seek approval from the NHTSA which will make sure that their safety checklist is met. In addition, certain states require that drivers actually sit behind the wheel even when the car is operational to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

Insurance for Driverless Cars and Accidents

With regard to injuries caused by a driverless car, the issue of insurance might help you get out of a pickle when it comes to who should pay for your accident injuries and trauma. Insurance adjusters will look at things like prevailing weather at the time of the accident, the various technologies and their safety track record as well as traffic.

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