Return client nets large worker’s comp settlement

At McCready Law, we love to hear from former clients.  We are proud when former clients refer their friends and family to the firm.  Our practice has grown by referrals from former clients.  However, many times we hear from former clients because of a new injury.  We represented a client several years ago and obtained a small worker’s comp settlement.  Unfortunately for our client, he sustained a second, much more serious injury.  The injury prevented him from returning to his work as a truck driver.  No longer to earn as much money as he was previously, attorney Edwin Reyes was able to obtain a worker’s comp settlement in the amount of $275,000 for our client.  The size of the settlement reflected the seriousness of his injury as well as Edwin’s ability to maximize the recovery for our client.  We were happy that the client remembered the good job we did on his first, smaller case, and had the confidence to return to the office when he was injured again.  To refer someone to our firm, contact McCready Law at 773-779-9885.  The firm handles personal injury, workers’ compensation and disability cases.