Scaffolding Injuries In Northwest Indiana

Workers' Compensation

Scaffolding serves a useful purpose in building and construction. Thanks to these structures, it’s possible to reach certain areas of a building that’s going up easily and conveniently. These are wonderful replacements for ladders on account of their flexibility as well as ease when it comes to putting them up. That being said, scaffolding injuries are common in Indiana, and many workers suffer serious injuries that may put them out of work, leading to a number of health and financial complications.

Safety agencies such as OSHA put down regulations in building and construction so that workers are protected at all times. Project managers and supervisors are required to follow these guidelines to the letter to keep their workers safe. Not following these guidelines which then leads to an injury is considered as negligence according to the law, making it possible to sue for money damages.

Let’s take a look at the various ways one can suffer a scaffolding-related injury:

  • Walking under scaffolding that hasn’t been put together well might result in you being hit by pieces of falling debris, causing serious head injuries.
  • Poorly maintained scaffolding can give way, sending a worker plunging a couple feet to the ground below.
  • Not providing workers with proper training on scaffolding safety may result in one or more workers making a fatal mistake.
  • Slipping and falling on oil or water that was left on scaffolding surface may send a worker falling to the ground
  • Poor quality scaffolding that was bought to cut costs might result in the structure coming apart with workers still on it.
  • Non-existent scaffolding railing is something that can pose great danger to workers since they need this to be able to balance and steady themselves in the event of a strong wind or misstep while working at great heights.

Scaffolding Injuries Need Extensive Medical Attention

Scaffolding injuries are serious and require urgent medical attention. Head trauma, broken bones, eye injuries, internal organ damage, nerve damage and impalement will require a thorough medical checkup, surgery, an extended stay at the hospital, all of which cost money. If someone else’s carelessness was the cause of your accident, they should be the one to pay for your treatment. In addition, you’re probably going to miss a couple of days off work, and should be compensated for that too.

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