Schedule Award Concerns: A Must-Read For Injured Federal Workers

Thanks to legislation passed in 1949, federal workers are now able to receive compensation should they suffer injury to an organ or an extremity that makes it difficult or impossible to carry out work-related duties. A lot of injured federal workers are not conversant with OWCP schedule award amounts, the duration of the process and the restrictions, and as such, go into the whole process with blinders which can not only waste their time, but can also qualify them for a much lower payout or put their schedule award amounts at risk of being terminated at a later date due to not understanding the legal implications behind this facet of federal workers’ compensation.

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Before we continue, we’d like to point out that the following aren’t eligible for schedule award:

That being said, everything else is fair game, so if you have carpal tunnel, a twisted ankle, torn meniscus, shoulder, hand, suffered internal organ injury and so on, you qualify for federal workers’ compensation schedule award.

Do I Qualify for a Schedule Award?

In order to qualify for schedule award, you must have first reached maximum medical improvement. That is to say, your doctor must attest to the fact that your recovery has reached its apex and that they don’t expect or envision you making further medical improvements based off their professional judgment. In addition, you can only qualify if a year has elapsed from the date of your injury or medical procedure. Next, you must show through evidence that you did indeed suffered partial or permanent loss of an organ’s function.

Deadline for Filing Schedule Award Documentation – Injured Federal Workers

There is no deadline when it comes to applying for a schedule award for federal workers’ compensation. However, it is usually advisable to file as soon as you become aware of the injury because a delay might be construed as you not suffering serious injuries warranting compensation.

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