Schedule Award for Injured Federal Postal Workers

If you as a federal postal worker suffer a permanent injury to any body part, you may be eligible for a schedule award. This is a form of benefits paid out to you on a monthly basis regardless of your employment status in order to help with improving your quality of life should you need additional medical care or take time off work due to this new or worsening disability.

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Here are some of the requirements you need to meet in order to qualify:

  1. Your injury must have happened on the job
  2. You must have suffered permanent damage to the said body part
  3. The body part must appear in a chart provided by OWCP
  4. You can provide medical evidence pointing to this permanent injury
  5. You must have reached permanent medical improvement
  6. You are currently working or a pensionable individual
  7. You’re not currently receiving disability for your permanent injury

Schedule Award for Injuries That Occurred a Long Time Ago

If you’ve like other injured postal workers, you may not have heard about a schedule award until today. It may be possible that you’ve lived with your injury for years, or maybe even decades. Regardless of how much time has passed, you can qualify for schedule award by starting the process of submitting the necessary paperwork.

CA-7 Form for Injured Postal Workers

You are required to fill in the CA-7 forms for Schedule Award, attaching an impairment rating that you’ll receive from an OWCP doctor that we’ll help you locate. If you’re currently still employed by the federal government as a postal worker, fill in the form and send it to the Injury Compensation Office within your agency, making sure to touch base with them on a regular basis so they can submit the approved form to OWCP.

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