Schedule Award for Nerve Damage – Injured Federal Workers

Your nervous system is inundated by a network of nerves which transmit sensations such as hot, cold, touch, as well as whether a certain surface is soft or tactile. These nerves are found all over your skin, woven into its fabric, encased by muscle and tissue. Without nerves, you would not be able to accurately transmit sensations or feel pain, an important sensation that warns you of a potentially dangerous situation such as the presence of fire, excessive heat, a break in one’s skin or dangerous chemicals.

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As an injured federal worker, you may suffer nerve damage due to:

  1. A dog bite sustained as a letter carrier delivering a package
  2. A slip and fall event that leads to a broken leg or arm
  3. Getting into a traffic accident with a drunk civilian
  4. Spinal surgery gone wrong
  5. Having a hazardous chemical all over your torso or arm at work
  6. Falling down a flight of stairs due to poor lighting at work

Nerve Damage Long-Term Effects – Injured Federal Worker

Nerve damage can lead to partial paralysis of a limb or side of the body, and it may put you at risk of suffering extensive burns due to not being able to feel heat from a source such as an oven while preparing breakfast, for example. Some types of nerve damage are permanent, and physical therapy doesn’t promise 100 percent recovery, which means that you will have to live with a diminished ability to carry out certain activities that you used to be able to perform without a second thought prior to your accident.

Do I Qualify for Compensation? Injured Federal Worker

In order to qualify for a schedule award as an injured federal worker for nerve damage, you must have suffered injury on a part of the body that is covered by OWCP. This includes something like a broken leg causing nerve damage at the sole of your foot, or a head injury leading to facial nerve damage, causing facial pain that comes and goes.

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