Secrets To Qualifying for Mail Carrier Injury Compensation

Mail carriers put their bodies through an extraordinary amount of stress and strain; it is therefore no surprise that they experience numerous and sometimes ongoing injuries such as torn rotator cuff injuries. Not only is this type of injury excruciatingly painful, it is also one that can recur, making return to work for injured postal workers something that’s neither feasible nor advisable.

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The rotator cuff is a body part found at the very edge of your shoulder. It is responsible for facilitating a range of arm movements. It can be injured by letter carriers in a number of ways such as during a slip and fall accident, carrying heavy mail bags and parcels for extended periods of time, repetitive actions such as sorting through large volumes of mail and so on. The rotator cuff is made of cartilage called tendons which is very easy to tear, causing shoulder and upper arm pain, and limiting the movement of the affected arm. In some cases, the pain and corresponding tear may be so extreme that it may be next to impossible to sleep on that arm or side of the body, and even performing simple tasks such as reaching up to take plates out from a cabinet may be excruciatingly painful.

Torn Rotator Cuff for Postal Employees – What To Expect

Mail carrier shoulder pain, or mailman shoulder pain is often associated with a torn rotator cuff. If you experience difficulty holding out your arm, inability to carry things, diminished strength in this arm, and experiencing pain carrying out repetitive activities, it may be time to file a CA-7 form. This should be done as soon as you realize that you may have injured your rotator cuff so that the process won’t be delayed, or your injuries questioned. You may need time off work so that the rotator cuff can heal on its own, or you may be prescribed a topical medication such as a corticosteroid cream, or, if the injury is extensive, surgery to remove bone spurs, and manipulate tendons and muscles for proper healing.

Experienced Attorneys for Letter Carrier Injuries  

It is important that you work with an injured mail carrier attorney in order to make sure that your medical report is written up by a physician conversant with OWCP injured worker protocol so it is nor denied or required to be redone in the correct format. At McCready, Garcia & Leet, we have the medical resources, a friendly team and a results-driven attitude together with a history of success when it comes to federal workers’ compensation claims. To take advantage of these and more, simply pick up the phone and call us TODAY at 1-855-233-3002 to receive your absolutely FREE legal consultation. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.