Secrets To Qualifying For OWCP Hearing Loss Awards

Think of a world where you can’t hear a thing, and your days and nights are filled with silence. If you were born with a perfectly functioning sense of hearing, you may take it for granted until it starts to deteriorate due to one reason or the other. Some federal workers may be exposed to areas that may be deemed unusually loud, making them prone to hearing problems, even with the right noise cancelling or ear protective gear. This kind of hearing loss sneaks up on you, or it may be sudden such as in the case of being close to an explosion.

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Is It Too Late to File a Hearing Loss Claim as a Federal Worker?

A lot of people may think that it’s too late to file a hearing loss claim as a federal worker because they may have waited many months, and sometimes, years, before speaking out. This misconception couldn’t be further from the truth: you are eligible for a schedule award for hearing loss as long as you sustained said hearing loss as an employee of the federal government, there is a causal relationship between your hearing loss and employment, and if the condition made it difficult or impossible to perform work duties at a certain level of competence.

Medical Requirements for OWCP Hearing Loss Awards

When it comes to medical requirements, seeing an otologist as well as a state-licensed audiologist in order to have audiometric tests done as well as have an objective medical report written out will help get your case taken seriously.

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