Settlement Advice For Pelvic Fractures After an Illinois Accident

Pelvic fractures and related injuries of the pelvis are surprisingly common after a Chicago car accident. In addition, they are said to make up over 15 percent of the types of injuries experienced after a car crash countrywide, and 25 percent of those who die after an accident usually have a crushed or fractured pelvis. One would think that 15 percent is a conservative percentage until you consider that this makes up about 800,000 individuals countrywide, as stated by the Journal of Trauma, Infection and Critical Care.

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Here are some of the most common causes of pelvic fractures:

  1. Seat belt location – While seat belts ensure your safety by making it impossible for you to be ejected from the car seconds after a crash, they can cause pelvic damage at the moment of impact when your body is lurched forward by forces. Your body and the laws of physics will counteract these forces, making your seat belt apply an immensely large amount of pressure on your pelvic region, thereby crushing the bone and causing a fracture.
  2. Front impact crushes – If two cars collide head-on, there are chances that your pelvic area will become subject to materials that may be hazardous especially if you were seated up front. In addition, if you were driving, you may have the engine or the steering wheel dig into your pelvic area at the moment of impact.
  3. Seat location – A lot of people don’t know this, but the axle is positioned directly underneath your pelvis when seated in a car. This same axle is what absorbs the impact of a car crash and may pass it on to you by way of vibrations that will come through your pelvic region.

Here are signs that may point to a pelvic fracture:

  • A feeling of numbness in the groin area all the way to the hips and legs
  • Difficulty walking or standing straight
  • Rectal or vaginal bleeding
  • Having trouble urinating or defecating
  • Pain that radiates to the abdomen and chest

Pelvic Fracture Diagnosis – Illinois Accident Lawyers

Pelvic injuries after a Chicago car accident are diagnosed by way of CT scans, X-rays or MRI’s in order to take a gander at the extent of the injury. In addition, your physician may ask that you undergo contrasting imaging tests if they have reason to believe that your injuries are complex such as in the case of damaged blood vessels or organs.

Pelvic Fracture Treatment

Treatment for pelvic injuries after an Illinois car accident usually involves bed rest and administering anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition, physical therapy may be encouraged, or for more severe cases, orthopedic surgery which will incorporate screws, pins and plates. Recovery and healing time can take anywhere from 3 to 5 months.

Lawyers for Pelvic and Hip Fractures After an Illinois Car Accident

If you suffered a pelvic fracture due to the negligence of another driver who caused your Chicago car accident, we can help. By filing an Illinois personal injury lawsuit, you’ll be able to recover compensation that will help cater for your medical bills, lost wages, the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle, pain and suffering, and so much more. Ready to talk to someone? Call our pelvic fracture lawyer in Illinois NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547  for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.