Should I Ask The Doctor To Release Me Early? Injury Law Q&A

Having suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence, you may need to see a doctor for treatment. Depending on the level and extent of injuries such as in the case of an auto accident or a catastrophic industrial accident, numerous body systems may be affecting, necessitating ongoing, long-term care. If you’re like the average American, your body will take time to get back to normal. Due to this, you may need to go to the doctor several times so he can monitor your progress to a point where you’ll be able to make maximum medical improvement. If your doctor releases you too early, you may run into trouble with the insurance company when it comes to claims payout for reasons we’ll take a look at in this post.

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Always Wait for Maximum Medical Improvement Before Filing a Claim

Maximum medical improvement is a legal term that refers to a state of pristine, perfect health where you have no complaints about any pain, health issue or any other complication that arose out of your accident, and no further health improvements can be made. This is an important state because this is the best place from whence you can consider filing an injury claim with the insurance company. More often than not, patients who may not be 100% OK health-wise may ask that their physicians release them from treatment so they can go about the business of filing a claim. This is just about the worst thing you can do for your personal injury claim because you may not get the maximum compensation you deserve and will have no legal recourse when you develop health complications that were just bubbling under the surface prior to your release, at a later date.

Early Release From Treatment May Jeopardize Your Injury Claim

It is VITAL that you get to 100% with your health before asking that your physician release you. You may be able to work and go about your daily duties at 90% capacity, but remember, you have to get to 100% so you can get the best possible settlement for your injury claim. It is therefore important to be patient and ask the doctor questions along the way, as well as give your body enough time to fully heal. Ongoing pain, however miniscule, may point to a permanent or chronic injury that may continue on in the future. By getting released early from medical treatment, you may have just shot yourself in the foot.

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