Should I Get An Attorney If I Have Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a pre-requisite for every American of legal age. Given the multitude of ways one can fall ill or get injured, it’s only natural that one should have one or two policies under their belt. If you get into an accident, you will instinctively reach out to your health insurance provider in order to find out what they can do for you so you can get back to good health in no time. That being said, should you hire an attorney if you already have health insurance?

Your Insurance Company Will Shortchange You

Health insurance is always a great idea, and an attorney may seem expensive in the bigger scheme of things. After all, your insurance company will take care of all your bills, right? The reality, however, is that they will only take on a fraction of your bills and deem some procedures elective or not covered by your policy. In addition, it may come to light much later that your injuries may necessitate further treatment or an implant, and your insurance company, after paying out to a certain level, will walk away, stating that they have completed their part of the agreement. A car accident attorney, on the other hand, will help you file an accident lawsuit in so you can sue for maximum compensation via damages which will be so much more than you could ever hope to get from your insurance company.

Lost Wages Not Covered By Most Insurance Policies

Another reason why you should get a car crash attorney regardless of having health insurance is because of lost wages not being an admissible claim by most insurance companies. Yes, you probably will be able to get something from your employer’s workers’ compensation claim, but this will pale in comparison should you decide to file  an accident lawsuit to get a lump sum amount which will cover your lost wages and then some.

Hire an Attorney to Maintain Low Premiums

Lastly, getting a car accident attorney will help absolve you of any fault in a vehicle accident case which keep your premiums low and your record clean and pristine should you decide to take out a loan or another policy in the future.

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