Should You Choose Arbitration? Best Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers

Ask the best personal injury lawyer in Chicago, and they’ll tell you this reality: over 90 percent of all personal injury lawsuits in Illinois never go to trial, but are instead handled by insurance companies and the respective attorneys of the two parties in question. Arbitration is a common means of resolving Chicago personal injury claims due to reasons we’ll take a look at shortly. That being said, arbitration isn’t the be-all and end-all of any civil dispute since it isn’t without fault.

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Arbitration for Personal Injury Claims in Chicago

Arbitration involves resolving legal disputes outside the court system. Both parties typically come together and accept to have their grievances heard by a private arbitration panel. It is, however, important to point out that arbitration is different from mediation, and it is not uncommon to have an arbitration panel offer mediation services as an adjunct or alternative. One of the most attractive attributes of arbitration is that it is faster than courtroom litigation. This is because this type of panel handles cases at a volume that is markedly smaller than what you normally see in civil courts in counties all over Illinois. Should you decide to go the civil court route, you could be looking at years of litigation in comparison to just months for arbitration.

The Cost of Arbitration Makes it Attractive

Arbitration for personal injury claims in Chicago are also less expensive, making them ideal for both parties who may spend so much in litigation and have to live with financial uncertainty for months or years. Arbitration usually employs a more streamlined and limited discovery process, meaning resources are used prudently, all done to make sure that a result is reached in as little time as possible. Arbitrations do not have witness depositions, and the request for mutual document exchanges is limited and minimal. Lastly, there are fewer, if any expert witnesses who usually tend to charge by the hour, making them very expensive.

Arbitrators Have Specialized Experience

Third, both parties can choose expert arbitrators who have specialized experience, something that’s not possible in a civil court hearing because the presiding judge assigns these individuals at random. This makes the process fair as well as efficient, and both parties are not left in the dark regarding the competence or experience harbored by the arbitrators.

Why You Shouldn’t Choose Arbitration – Illinois Personal Injury Lawsuits

Arbitration for Illinois personal injury lawsuits may not be a good idea due to the bias that may be prevalent in many arbitrators who are chosen by the insurance company. These individuals are required, albeit in hushed tones, to please the insurance company, failure to which they will not be used in future arbitration. They are therefore more likely to award meager amounts to the aggrieved party at the end of arbitration so they can keep getting work from the insurance company.

Arbitration May Rob You of Money In The Long Run 

Lastly, arbitration, due to its short timeframe, may gloss over key evidence or testimony, meaning that your payout won’t be as substantial as if you had gone the civil litigation route. Full discovery is an advantage enjoyed by those who decide to go the latter route, making it financially worthwhile in the long run.

Arbitration or Civil Litigation? We Can Help!

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