Situational Disability and Federal Disability Retirement

Federal disability is a complicated beast to defeat if you are working alone and are looking to get compensated as you prepare for a life after work. Disability is not always clear-cut, and it is possible that you may have a certain type of disability which only shows up in certain circumstances that are work-related.

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What Is Situational Disability?

Situational disability refers to a type of disability which only becomes apparent when you are in a work environment. It is usually tied to emotional or psychological stress due to a demanding or unreasonable worker to supervisor who wears you thin.

How to Qualify

It is possible to qualify for situational disability. That being said, it is important to note that you must show causation between your disability and the work environment. That is to say, you must show that the actions of an individual or certain circumstances at work caused your emotional or psychological trauma.

Caveats to Qualifying for Situational Disability

One thing that can stop you from qualifying for this kind of federal disability claim is the argument that if the offending circumstance were adjusted (such as in the case of you being assigned to a different department or the unpleasant co-worker or supervisor), would your situational disability go away? In such cases, you may need a good federal disability retirement attorney who will argue that your situational disability has far-reaching and sometimes irreversible consequences that will stop you from producing results at work at a certain level.

Medical Evidence is Everything

Evidence is key when it comes to these types of cases: this is why it is very important to ensure that your psychiatrist or mental health doctor writes up a detailed report which will show that your disability is situational but pervasive at the same time.

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