Situational Disability Secrets

Federal disability compensation can be a quagmire if you are a first time applicant. There are complicated papers to fill in, and you must meet certain conditions if you are going to pass the disability test. If you have an injury which only becomes apparent when you are working, you have what’s called situational disability, a type of injury which is compensable under federal workers’ compensation law.

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What is Situational Disability?

Situational disability usually happens while you’re at work due to the demanding nature of the job. This could either be due to an extraordinary amount of strain placed on your body or an unreasonable and unnecessarily aggressive supervisor who wears you thin to the point of you suffering psychological or emotional stress.

In order to qualify for situational disability as a federal worker, you will need to show what’s called causation. Put simply, this is the connection between your physical, emotional or psychological trauma and the conditions or actions that caused it.

Situational Disability Can Be Challenging

Situational disability claims, however, aren’t that easy to qualify for. This is because a reviewer may ask: if the work situation were adjusted, would you still suffer situational disability, or would it disappear? A good federal compensation attorney will be able to argue that the injuries sustained are far-reaching and that they may have left lasting psychological or physical damage on your psyche and body which may affect the performance of your duties going forward.

As with all injured federal worker cases, your approval for compensation or benefits will hinge on your ability to present case managers or OWCP with copious amounts of evidence in order to validate your claim. This is why it is important to work with a reliable federal workers’ compensation attorney who will then help you get a detailed clinical psychologist’s or psychiatric report to prove that your situational disability claim has merit.

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