Slip And Fall At Starbucks Indiana

Premises Liablity

About everyone I know loves coffee. It gives you the pep you need to start your day right, as well as the energy to barrel through the morning hours at work, ensuring peak productivity. Starbucks is an American staple, and many of us pass by it on our way to work to pick up a cup and some bagels. That being said, a trip to an Indiana Starbucks one morning can leave you with serious injuries should you slip and fall on their premises.

Starbucks managers are legally obligated to provide you with a certain standard of care on account of the contract you go into with them. They offer you goods in exchange for your money. This creates a legally binding contract between buyer and seller. Anything that happens within the premises that causes bodily harm to you will fall on the manager or employees, making them liable for damages.

Let’s take a look at a few slip and fall scenarios at a Starbucks in Indiana

  • An employee leaves a puddle of water while cleaning the floor. He doesn’t leave a ‘caution, wet floor’ sign on the floor, causing you to slip and fall. Their action of not putting up a sign to warn you in a reasonable manner makes them and the store liable for any injuries you may have suffered.
  • There’s some minor construction at the parking lot outside. There’s a beehive of activity, and many workers on scene. As you walk across the lot, you step on a piece of wood which sends you flying in the air, and eventually falling face first on the asphalt. Upon further investigation, it’s found that the manager neglected to put up ‘men at work’ signs as well as didn’t enforce a ‘clean up after yourselves while working’ rule on the site.
  • A harried customer pays for their coffee and leaves the store in a rush. They just about spill half their coffee on the floor. You come walking in about 20 minutes later. As you head to the counter to place your order, you slip on the now cold floor, lose your footing and land on your butt with a loud thud and crack. You suffer a broken tibia and a cracked femur as well as trauma to the back of your head.

What to do After a Slip and Fall Incident in Indiana

All these scenarios are far too common in Starbucks coffee outlets in Indiana. A lot of people don’t know where to start when it comes to filing these types of lawsuits, so they accept an apology from the manager and a complimentary cup of coffee for the rest of the week and go about their day. Slip and falls of this nature shouldn’t be ignored nor should they be hushed down via a bribe. It is important to first file an incident report with the manager. Next, you’ll need to take photos of the scene, and then call us on 877-561-3004 before seeking medical attention. We will issue the Starbucks Indiana branch with a court order to get them to hand over security footage in order to determine causation and then go about seeking your rightfully-deserved compensation.

If you’ve been injured at a Starbucks in Indiana, you have every right to sue. Please contact us on 877-561-3004 today for your free initial consultation. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.