Slip and Fall Injuries At Walgreens – Doing This May Get You Compensated

Walgreens is a family favorite for grocery shopping, and families all over Illinois head over to this store with its hundreds of branches across the state to shop for kitchen and home essentials. Walgreens owes its popularity to its everyday low prices and a wide selection of items as well as the fact that it is conveniently located and can be accessed within a few minutes from any large neighborhood. Slip and falls at Walgreens are serious events owing to the injuries and long-term health and financial consequences they may cause, making it prudent for injured Walgreens customers to file a Walgreens injury claim in order to collect compensation should they suspect that negligence had a role to play in the event.

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Injured At Walgreens? Here’s What The Law Says

According to Illinois premises liability law, businesses owe you a duty of care to protect your wellbeing when  you access their business establishment for the purposes of doing business with them. Legally, accessing their premises to pay for goods or services enters you and the business establishment or proprietor into a binding legal agreement which, if breached by way of negligence, qualifies you for compensation should said negligence lead to injuries.

I Slipped and Fell At Walgreens; Do I Qualify For Compensation?

Now, it’s important to note that just because you slipped and fell at Walgreens doesn’t justify a payout or compensation. There must a breach of duty of care, and you must also show that the store was aware or should have been aware of the negligent item or circumstance that caused your injuries. This means that you must produce solid evidence such as photos of the accident scene, possibly CCTV footage showing, for example, a worker mopping an aisle and leaving blobs of water unmopped an hour or so prior to your injuries, or previous documented complaints from other customers about a problem area which they chose not to do nothing about, or did not mitigate said problem area in accordance to OSHA or industry standards. In addition, you must also show that Walgreens failed to warn you and others of that hazards so you could take the needed steps to protect yourself.

Securing Your Walgreens Slip and Fall Claim

After suffering a slip and fall at Walgreens, take copious photos if you can. Next, write down the names and numbers of witnesses who were present at the time of the accident. File a report with Walgreens management in the form of an incident report and make sure to have your copy. We have to stress, however, that you don’t sign ANYTHING as this can be used to invalidate your claim or whittle down the amount you’re eligible for. Next, seek medical attention since your injuries may be more complex than is seen from the outside. Going to get checked out at the ER will also document your injuries in objective medical lingo, and this will play perhaps the most central role in determining the amount you are eligible for after your Walgreens slip and fall incident.

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