Slip And Fall On Ice In Indiana

Premises Liablity

Winter is fast approaching, and sidewalks as well as parking lots all over Indiana will be frozen in ice, creating potentially unsafe conditions for members of the public. Falling is not only embarrassing, but it can also put you out of commission on account of the injuries suffered. Slipping and falling on ice in Indiana is something that you should take seriously because you may need urgent medical care; in other words, don’t ignore your fall, and don’t let the property owner off the hook.

Get an Incident Report

The first thing you need to do when you slip and fall on ice is to notify the property owner if this is a commercial establishment such as the local Wal-Mart. Failure to report the incident will essentially make the insurance company you’ll want to collect from allege that the fall never happened or your injuries weren’t serious in the first place. By obtaining the incident report from the manager, you’ll be able to give us ‘ammunition’, so to speak, with which to fight your case for maximum compensation. That being said, do not sign anything without speaking to us since this will hurt your chances of collecting money damages. If the incident report is complicated, please feel free to call us first so we can look over the document before you sign.

Take Photos of Scene

The second thing you should do is take photos of the area to document how icy the surface is. Property owners are legally obligated to make sure that their premises are maintained in a manner that is reasonably safe at all times. This could mean shoveling up snow and deicing the parking lot outside using salt. Failure to do this implies some kind of negligence on their part for which they can be sued.

Collect Eyewitness Testimony

The third step to take would be to take eyewitness accounts, whether written or audio. Witnesses corroborate your story and make it that much easier for us to win your case for you. Don’t forget to take down their names, numbers and what they saw in a succinct account that is factual and matter-of-fact.

See a Doctor

Next, you’ll need to have your injuries checked out. This is very important due to 2 reasons, with the first one being that you may have suffered serious internal injuries which may not be apparent in the first few days of your accident. Next, having a full check-up will prove that you were indeed injured and that there exist medical records to back up your story.

Get Legal Help Today!

Last, but certainly not least would be to call an experienced Indiana slip and fall attorney. We will move fast to secure all the needed documentation so you can get your compensation within the shortest amount of time possible. Please call us today on 877-561-3004 for your free consultation. Remember, in cases like these, it is important to act fast or you might lose your chance at getting compensation. Thanks for choosing us, and we look forward to hearing from you.