State Farm Negotiation Secrets – More Inside

Insurance companies have mastered the art of advertising as seen in the many fun, snappy and quirky ads they produce every other month. State Farm is one such insurance company that assures you that “Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There”. The reality, however, is anything BUT good neighborliness: when you get into an accident or are injured due to the negligence of someone else, you realize quickly that State Farm is looking out for its own interests and that it would do anything to make sure that the premiums stay high, and the payouts low. If you’re like hundreds of thousands of Americans, you’re probably on this blog to find out State Farm negotiation secrets when you’ve been in an accident. What we’re about to reveal, however, will hopefully make you sit up and wise up before it’s too late.

Were you injured due to someone else’s negligence? If you’re looking to recover an insurance payout to take care of your medical bills, property damage and other incidentals, you may want to hold off on that State Farm phone call until you’ve spoken with us. With State Farm, your claim is handled by an impersonal computer database that doesn’t take into account things like fault with regard to your accident, and things like pain and suffering. If you’ve been injured by a negligent individual, before speaking with State Farm, call us at (773) 902-0413 and we’ll do the negotiation for you. By hiring an attorney that deals with insurance companies, you may be able to get as much as TEN TIMES what you would have gotten handling State Farm on your own. We have over 90 YEARS of legal experience, and there’s truly nothing we haven’t seen. For your 100% FREE, no-commitment consultation, please call us NOW at (773) 902-0413 to learn more about how we can increase your State Farm insurance claim.

State Farm – Empty Promises, Duplicitous Image

As of 2018, State Farm was estimated to be worth over a mind-boggling $100 billion. State Farm projects a homely image when in fact, it is one of the wealthiest corporations in the country. The way State Farm got this rich is by asking people to take out numerous and often unneeded insurance policies and have them pay high premiums and then turn right around and lowball injured individuals at their lowest or deny their claims outright. State Farm wants you to believe that it’s there for you, and that it cares, but the fact of the matter is that State Farm only cares about its bottom line and keeping their shareholders happy. Don’t believe us? A cursory search of State Farm reviews online paints a similar and accurate picture.

How To Negotiate With State Farm After an Accident

As attorneys who’ve dealt with and negotiated with State Farm for our injured clients, we always advise them to NEVER give a recorded statement to a State Farm claims adjuster, no matter how dire your situation currently is. This is because the information you provide may lock you out of compensation without even knowing it as they will ask questions in such a way as to catch you into admitting fault. In addition, State Farm generously uses the 3 D’s tactic, which is deny, delay and defend all claims brought forth. This type of behavior is the very definition of “bad faith”, and State Farms will only budge and listen when you mention that you’re working with an attorney.

Before Doing Anything, Call Us First!

Thinking of negotiating with State Farm after having suffered an injury? DON’T DO IT. Call us FIRST (773) 902-0413  and let us do all the talking on your behalf so you’re guaranteed a sizeable payout that’s in line with your injuries and bills. Thanks for choosing McCready Law, and we look forward to helping you.