Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Injury

Slip and fall injuries can be very difficult to prove, and they can put you out of commission both at work and physically, stopping you from enjoying life and being a productive member of the workforce. A lot of people don’t expect to slip and fall, so it’s understandable if you did and reacted with confusion and agitation. That being said, if you want to successfully file and win a slip and fall lawsuit, it is important that you remain calm and follow the instructions we’re about to give you in this post.

Seek Medical Attention

Immediately after your slip and fall accident, seek medical attention. Call 911 to have EMS sent over to your location, or ask the shop proprietor or anyone in a position to do so to send timely help. This is because a simple slip and fall accident may become a catalyst for more serious complications such as internal bleeding or a brain hemorrhage.

Preserve Evidence

Next, you want to make sure that you preserve the clothing and shoes you were wearing at that particular day, no matter how bizarre this may sound. This is because these items may contain vital evidence that will go a long way in proving the merit of your slip and fall injury case.

Take Photos of the Scene

Third, ask someone to return to the scene of the accident to take photos if you can’t personally do it on account of your injuries. This should ideally happen on the same day or a few days after in order to preserve any evidence the management may try to cover up (pieces of missing carpet, a raised, slippery floor, or an abundance of grease) in order to evade liability.

Report the Slip and Fall Injury

Fourth, report the injury to the responsible parties, but never engage with the property manager to get to place blame on them because this won’t lead nowhere and you may say something which may be looked at as you playing a part in your slip and fall accident. Call an Indiana injury attorney as soon as possible in order to protect your legal rights as well as your chance of receiving compensation.

Take Down Witnesses Contact Information

Lastly, take down the numbers of anyone who may have witnessed the event so that they are able to corroborate your testimony at a later date. Make sure to take down their names, numbers, emails and addresses so we can work with you in getting their testimony in an objective manner.

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