Suing a Pharmaceutical Company for Wrongful Death – More Inside

A lot of Americans live with chronic illnesses for which they have to take medication. We trust that these medications have been tested extensively before being released to the public, and that the companies that make them have laid out all the side-effects and warnings in order to keep us safe. However, as we’ve seen time and time again over the decades, pharmaceutical companies haven’t exactly been honest or reliable with regard to medication safety, and thousands of lives have consequently been lost, a preventable action if manufacturers of some of the most common medication did the right thing. Our clients always ask us “can I file a wrongful death lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company?” The answer is an unequivocal YES, as long as you meet certain legal conditions that we’ll lay out in this post.

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How Pharmaceutical Companies Cause Unnecessary Death

Pharmaceutical companies are billion dollar entities that control huge swathes of the economy. They put a lot of resources into research and development of new medications, and because of this, they want a return on their investment. Unfortunately, capitalism and the wellness of people usually clash, and many Pharma giants are willing to look the other way when it comes to releasing a problematic drug. The pressure from shareholders to meet certain financial targets may make these companies not reveal huge and worrying issues in medication they are planning to release for as long as is possible. In fact, some Pharma companies factor into their overall cost how much it would take to pay off any injured or dead individuals who have been hurt by their medication well before the launch of said medication.

Pharmaceutical Company Wrongful Death Claims – We’re Here to Help

Pharmaceutical companies owe you a duty of care to inform you about any glaring issues regarding the safety of their medication, and they are also required to issue a recall of said medication should they discover that it is harming consumers. This duty of care, if breached by negligence or failure to inform the general public on said dangers or their drug is grounds to file a wrongful death lawsuit if the unsafe medication caused the death of a loved one. No corporation is above the law, and by filing, you’ll help bring attention to the dangers of certain medications and consequently help save lives. A wrongful death claim against a pharmaceutical company will help you recover damages for things such as lost wages due to grief, loss of future income, funeral and medical costs, loss of companionship, loss of sexual satisfaction, mental anguish, legal fees and so much more.

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