Suing for Wrongful Death Due to Electrocution

Construction and factory workers often work in areas that feature numerous hazards such as a strong and sometimes uninsulated electric current. Because of this, workers are informed of these live wires and the attendant risks, as well as provided with training and gear to help them handle these electric circuits as needed. Electrocution happens when current flows through the body after it comes into contact with an electric current outlet. The current typically seeks to find an outlet and as a result, it may use the human body as a conductor on its way out. Quite often, electrocution accidents at work end up being fatal, and when this happens, the decedent’s loved ones must do what they can to recover compensation on their behalf.

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Here are the main determinants that will inform if a person will survive an electric shock:

  1. Electrical contact duration
  2. The electrical current’s overall strength
  3. The damage to one’s body
  4. The path the current took at it flowed through the body
  5. How promptly the electrocuted individual received medical attention
  6. The quality of medical care that this individual received.

Falls After Electrocution – A Construction Worker’s Worst Nightmare

It is important to note that electrocution isn’t the only way an individual can die once this event happens. Often, construction site workers who get electrocuted find themselves falling off the side of the building they are working on, and it is this fall that kills them.

Getting fatally electrocuted at work is a terrible way to lose one’s life, and the spouse and loved ones usually have to deal with disbelief, grief and loss, and a potentially difficult life ahead due to the lack of support, both financial and emotional that they will lose out on.

Lawyers for Wrongful Death Due to Electrocution – Call Now

A wrongful death claim is the next logical option to make if one loses a close family member due to electrocution. This will help you recover compensation that will go a long way in recovering damages for things like lost wages, loss of future income, cost of therapy, medical and funeral costs, loss of support and so much more.  However, you will need to prove a number of things in order for your case to be valid. Need more information on what the requirements are for filing a wrongful death lawsuit? Please call us NOW at (773) 906-4833 to learn more. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.