Summer Picnic Safety Tips

With just about a month to go to the end of the month, we at your friendly Northwest Indiana law firm would like to remind you and your loved ones to stay safe. With so many activities going on outside, as well as the large crowds, anything can go wrong and when it does, you may face mounting medical bills as well as time lost as a family as the injured person falls back to recover.

Summer Food Safety

Summer safety in Indiana and the rest of the country starts with proper food safety. You want to make sure that you chill all meats, and dairy products as you prepare them since bacteria tends to grow on these minutes after they start defrosting. This means carrying portable coolers and keeping them fully stocked with ice at all times.

Summer Sun Safety

The next thing you want to do if you’re heading out for a picnic with your family is to make sure that your kids stretch before they go out running across the fields or engage in any sporting activities. Stretching reduces the chances of an injury as well as protects their little bodies from overheating, which may lead to heat stroke. While you’re at it, make sure that they don’t stay out in the sun for too long, and that they slap some sunscreen on before heading out to play.

Summer Water Sports Safety

If your picnic is going to involve kayaking or other sports activities later in the day, make sure that everyone has their lifejackets and that they know how to swim or float, at the very least. Leave small kids in a safe area not near the water, and have someone supervise them. In addition, don’t be tempted to overindulge in alcohol if you’re going to go on a boat since this will affect your judgment and may lead to serious Indiana boating accidents.

Don’t Pet The Animals!

Lastly, advise your children not to touch or pet any wild animals, however cute, small or harmless they may appear as they tend to carry serious bacterial and viral infections.

Whatever you do, make sure you observe safety as your priority as you go about enjoying the last month of summer.

Legal Help for Your Summer Injuries in Indiana

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