Tailbone Injury and Compensation -Here’s What You Need To Know

A broken tailbone usually occurs during a slip and fall accident or a car accident due to either falling flat on one’s tailbone or the body being thrown up in the air and then down from the forces involved in a car accident. Your tailbone isn’t something you think about, however, until something happens to it. Broken tailbone injuries tend to be painful and may make everyday activities such as sitting, lying down, sleeping and bending over difficult or impossible without some form of pain management regimen, surgery, or both, as well as a period of rest and recovery.

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Slip and fall accidents are usually seen as embarrassing, so many people get up after falling down and proceed to act like nothing happened. However, depending on the severity of the fall, you may have sustained a tailbone injury and this usually manifests in pain in your posterior, as well as numbness and other worrying symptoms. It is important that after a slip and fall injury not to WAIT and go see a physician immediately because of two things: going to the ER to be examined will rule out life-threatening injuries and make sure that you receive appropriate treatment, and it will document your injuries which will play a large role in determining not only the validity of your claim, but also how much it is worth.

Here are the symptoms associated with a broken tailbone:

  • Pain in your posterior area
  • Numbness that radiates down to your feet
  • Pain when attempting to sit, crouch, squat or lie down
  • Loss of bladder control or pain when voiding bowels
  • Leg weakness
  • Lower back pain

Should You Go To The Doctor After a Broken Tailbone?

Coccydynia is the medical term for injury or trauma to the coccyx or tailbone or the area around it. This condition can significantly limit you from carrying out activities you normally take for granted such as driving to work, sitting at your desk, having intimate relations with your loved one, and even using the bathroom. It is diagnosed by a physician using a radiograph or X-ray where you are asked to stand and sit, and injecting an anesthetic into this area to pinpoint the pain source for accurate treatment.

Relieving Broken Tailbone and Injury

Treating a broken tailbone usually involves applying icepacks to the area, using a donut pillow which relieves pressure off the tailbone whenever a person sits down, using stool softener in order to alleviate pain that may be caused when one is straining to relieve themselves, the use of NSAIDs such as naproxen and ibuprofen, chiropractic adjustments and local injections to help numb the area to lessen pain during recovery.

Settlements for Tailbone Injury – Call Us Today!

The average settlement for tailbone injury will depend on a number of things, such as the negligence factor; whether there was partial negligence that can be attributed to your part, the extent of the injury and how it impacts your ability to work and enjoy life, how many weeks or months you are expected to be out of work in order to recover, whether or not the other party has insurance, the compensation caps, if any, available in your legal jurisdiction, and so on. On the lower end, you may expect to receive $20,000 and this number may go all the way up to $80,000. However, these are conservative numbers, and every case is unique. We’d love to have one of our broken tailbone lawyers speak with you so we can take a look at your case in its entirety to give you a customized amount. Please contact us NOW to learn more about coccyx injury compensation. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.