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Robin Michalak

I feel vindicated. Everyone who I dealt with was extremely courteous

Rita Smock

Your office took the time to explain to me what was happening

Paul Gray

I thank God he lead me to call. There are so many offices to choose from. I learned so much about getting the insurance coverage. Thank you all so much.

Dan Lenard

Staff was friendly, informative and helpful

Federal workers’ compensation client

I got injured at work in July 2014 in a training scenario. I injured my knee and ankle in the training scenario. I immediately found out how difficult it was to find a physician who would actually accept FEDERAL worker’s comp in Texas. There are several forms that you need to fill out each and every doctor visit. The first problem I encountered was my primary insurance initially wouldn’t approve the MRI, because I told them it was a worker’s compensation case. OWCP told me repeatedly I didn’t have a case number yet… so technically it was not a worker’s compensation case yet… There I was with a broken ankle, knee needing an MRI. At that point, I set out to find a Federal Workers Comp attorney. There are only a handful of FEDERAL worker’s compensation attorney’s in the U.S to start with. I finally found Ms. Stephanie Leet, her fees were very reasonable and she was very nice and really showed concern over my situation. She immediately resolved the insurance issue covering my MRI procedure with a word called subrogation. My primary insurance was not happy after I told them they can go through the subrogation process after I get the case number from OWCP, but had it not been for Ms. Leet I would have never known what to do to get my MRI on my knee. Essentially my primary insurance had to cover the procedure, because technically I did not have a case number yet from OWCP.. I did not have a case. Ms. Leet has answered all my texts, phone calls, emails in a timely manner. I listen to the horror stories that my fellow coworkers have gone through with on the job injuries. Ms. Leet is a true professional and has assisted me every step of this process. When a government employee is hurt on the job, the last thing they need to worry about is all the paperwork you need to have filled out (CA-1, 5C, CA-16, CA-20). Then once you finally reach MMI (Maximum Medical improvement) you should consider seeking out an impairment rating for your injury. My employer never mentioned anything to me about an impairment rating. If it were not for Ms. Leet, I would have never known about an impairment rating. In conclusion, I really want to take this opportunity to tell my fellow government employee’s to really consider choosing Ms. Leet in the event of a workplace injury, she is one of the best federal worker’s compensation attorney’s!
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Patrica Nunn

Stephanie Leet was very good. I’m very satisfied

Jazmin Ruiz

I am really happy with the result of my case. The outcome was more than what I had expected

Arthur Spivey

Although very skeptical of lawyers, Mr. Reyes assured me I would get the treatment I needed and he did! [My case] settled fast and promptly, just like I got my treatment. I am very satisfied with the results of my case.

Lonnie Myles

I admire the professionalism used throughout the office

Jewel Barnes

Always helpful and detailed

James Stewart

Good communication with client

Mohammed Imaadullah

Everything was done perfectly without any delays. I would definitely come back if I had any other cases

Latrice Garrett

Every experience with the staff was good

Ellia Brown

I think that Edwin Reyes was very informative and I like the way he went through the process with me

Bertha Irving

I am satisfied they took care of everything without me having to take care of the insurance and hospital bills

Robert Farland

Very satisfied with attorneys process of my case

Martin Longo

My attorney, Stephanie Leet, was excellent and I am very satisfied with the results of my case

Howard Winters

My lawyers were very nice and honest with me

Steve Nations

I couldn’t be happier with the results of my case. Mr. Reyes was very helpful and always returned my calls with answers to my questions.

Margaret Varela

When I needed information, it was given quickly

Lance Tatum

The staff was excellent

Edward Espitia

Staff was welcoming and the attorney was friendly and professional

Bonita Adams

I was very satisfied and Roy Garcia was excellent

Antonio Wells

Mr. McCready was excellent. He was great with communication and getting everything in order

Yashica Bailey

I am very appreciative of all the hard work Mr. Garcia & his staff did on my behalf

Jasmine Flores

Excellent – very appreciated

Lashaunda Robinson

Satisfied with the results of my case

Charmaine Brown

The staff was very informative

Tory Nalls

Very nice staff and happy with the results

Jarib Soto

Edwin was professional and respectful

Valencia Fleming

Roy Garcia was clear on the steps he took and making sure my children were treated fairly

Earnestine Greggs

Wonderful experience. Mr. McCready worked diligently for five years to win our suit

Daniel Gomez

I was very satisfied with the results of my case

Ron Milakovich

Yesenia was very polite and helpful

Rodolfo Ramos

Mr. McCready was very good and I am very pleased with the staff.

Ella Wright-Woods

I was very satisfied with the service. I will refer Edwin Reyes to friends and family. I am very satisfied with the results of my case. It didn’t take long and all my medical bills are paid and that’s a blessing

Marie Williamson

Michael McCready and Stephanie Leet were excellent. They were always in contact with me and kept me informed.

Gerrod Lewis

Edwin Reyes was excellent. He was very effective.

Michelle Berry

Roy Garcia was very helpful on the case and made sure that he kept me in the tune on the case. Very satisfied with the results of my case.

Michael Fasano

Mr. Reyes always returned my calls and took the time to answer my questions.

Vicky & Virgilio Garcia

He was great, always there to answer any questions I have. I feel very satisfied with what I got.

Nicole Valentine

I am glad I chose this firm because any and all of my questions and calls were always answered or returned in a timely manner

Clyde Lenoir

Stephanie Leet is a great attorney who gets results. I am extremely satisfied with my case. All interactions that I had with this staff were handled very professionally, politely and in a timely manner.

Patricia Magsby

They cared about my problems and took care of it. I am very satisfied.

Kayla Spencer

Process took longer than I thought, but still really happy with the outcome. I got a good amount for my case.

Lisa Kolb

Mr. Garcia was the most professional, efficient and personable person. I will recommend.

Tavaris Collins

It was a very great experience working with our attorney. We appreciate everything that was done for us

Jeff Pocuis

Mr. reyes was prompt and I appreciated the amount of time he spent answering my questions and concerns. He was also quick to call me back which I really appreciate. The staff was great and very informative. When Mr. Reyes was busy, your staff was able to answer my questions and concerns.

Andrew Armitage

The whole process was very easy on my part. The attorneys gave me confidence that my case would be handled appropriately. I was very pleased with the outcome.

Y’von Evans

Mr. Garcia was very professional and I would recommend his services to anyone in need or an attorney. I had an accident and found out I was pregnant. My attorney made sure I got what i deserve for the pain and suffering as a result.

Tim Conlan

Mr. McCready refused to settle until he felt I was properly compensated for my injury

Lauren Lamaster

Stephanie Leet always made sure I was comfortable and took extra time to answer all of my questions. Everything went great despite my extreme anxiety.

Cynthia Chappell

Stephanie Leet – Very professional – couldn’t ask for better service. The result of my case was more than I expected.

Albert White

Job well done – excellently executed

Shantavia Wheeler

My concerns were met in a timely manner

Gregory Strelczyk

Very professional

Phyllis McElroy

This was a quick return, faster than I thought it would be

Nancy Jenkins

I think my attorney worked hard to get the best result he could get for my case

Frederick Green

Very friendly as well as professional

Juan Morales

Stephanie Leet was an excellent attorney

Alicia Green

Staff was very friendly and helpful

Keith Hale

I am very grateful for the efficient and effective service I received

Jarrelle Moore

Staff was informative

Dennicia Lee

The attorney did a very great job. I would let family and friends know about him.

Kiaira Gee

Edwin Reyes made sure I was informed about everything that went on with my case. He was good to me.

Vanielle Simmons

Satisfied with results of my case

Caprice Newell

Rogelio Garcia seemed to be very knowledgeable about my case

Robin LaBranche

When my case was (getting ready to) settle, Mr. McCready informed me he was going to push for more money. I appreciated his efforts.

Noel Garcia

My experience was very good and he took the time to explain how he would handle the case and I felt very convenient. I am very happy and will refer Mr. Garcia to others

Robert Addaiz

I’m very pleased with the results I’ve gotten from my attorney

Everett Shelton

Attorney Reyes kept me informed and up to date on details about the case

Carl Simmons

I would refer more clients

Matt Vales

My experience with attorney Edwin Reyes was good

David Winters

I am satisfied with the results of my case

Eric Scott

Mr. McCready and Mr. Reyes were very hands on and fought hard for my case!!!!

Tom Wentz

Very good. Smooth. No problems!

Tiffany Blakemore

I am happy because they (Walgreens) messed up and I wanted them to see what they did and hopefully they will not do it to anyone else

Luis Hererra

It was more than I expected. I would recommend Edwin Reyes again

Bilal Rahman

They are always nice and friendly. I would refer my friend.

Alesia Lee

Very horrible accident and i thank Stephanie Leet for everything she has done for my case. The prcess was very fast and smooth.

Ricky Owens

Mr. McCready was very professional and returned all my calls promptly. I am very pleased with the final results.

Luis Puentes

The results were good and I was satisfied with the result of my case

Efrain Torres

I was very satisfied with the results of my case

Rosy Barrera

Very pleasant to talk to and explained my situation very carefully

Dennis Shelton

I feel attorney Reyes worked hard and gave me excellent advice to resolve my case and get the best results.

Donnell Jennings

Mr. Reyes said he would get me as much as he could and he did, quickly! He did just what he said he would do to get my case taken care of.

Ignace Gbedo

It was a great experience because I was getting updated about the case at all times. I’m truly satisfied on the outcome of my case

Ann Moser

Mr. Garcia was clear and explained everything and the staff was always pleasant and helpful on the phone

Michael Dace

Stephanie was great! I would definitely use her again.

Siobhan Shelby

Attorney Reyes is great. A pleasure to work with. Very Satisfied.

Janet Claffey

Excellent attorneys who handled this terrible insurance company of the other driver.

Deborah Roberson

Mr. Garcia is very caring and passionate about his work. He truly cares.