The Costliest Workplace Injuries in America – Is Yours On The List?

Workplace injuries cost the government tens of billions of dollars each year. As one of the country’s premier workplace injury attorneys, we get a lot of clients who want to know more about the value of their case after sustaining a workplace injury. Before providing you with this information, it is important to know more about the costliest workplace injuries so you can get a rough idea of what you can receive as compensation in an injury lawsuit.

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Here are the top 10 costliest injuries in the U.S. workforce according to insurance numbers:

  1. Overexertion due to an external source – These account for $15 billion in costs, and injuries include pushing, pulling, holding, wielding, carrying, and throwing an object.
  2. Falls on the same level – These injuries add up to over $10 billion in costs on a yearly basis, and they include things like tripping over a stationary object such as a chair or slipping and falling on a wet floor.
  3. Falls to a lower level – These injuries come in at number 3 with over $5.4 billion in costs annually, and they include injuries sustained due to falling off ladders or a ledge while fixing something.
  4. Getting struck by equipment – These injuries lead to $5.31 billion in costs, and they include injuries due to workers or machines dropping equipment from scaffolding and hitting workers down below.
  5. Bodily reactions due to exertion – Some jobs require individuals to twist, crawl, reach and climb numerous times a day, which may lead to sprains or broken wrists and ankles. They cost the economy a little over $4 billion each year.
  6. Roadway incidents – These cost the economy a cool $3 billion each year, and they involve automobile accidents in cases where a worker was a pedestrian, passenger or the driver of the vehicle.
  7. Tripping without falling – Many individuals may be able to break their falls, but they may end up with knee, ankle or shoulder sprains in the process. These cost the economy $2.3 billion.
  8. Getting impinged or caught in objects or equipment – accidental impingement by an appliance such as a factory press leading to the loss of a finger, arm or leg cost the economy $1.97 million a year.
  9. Struck against equipment – bumping one’s head on a work surface or appliance make up 3 percent of the costliest work injuries in the country, and they come with an economic burden that’s upwards of $1.85 billion.
  10. Injuries from repetitive motions – these injuries are common in assembly line work where workers have to pack hundreds of boxes a day, or those who work at grocery stores or behind computers, typing up briefs and responding to emails. They cost the economy $1.82 billion, and they represent 2.9 percent of the injury costs as far as insurance is concerned.

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