The Importance of Motorcycle Anti-Lock Brake Systems

Overbraking plays a significant role in motorcycle accidents across the country. Even hitting the brakes ever so slightly may cause motorcycle brakes to lock, causing a catastrophic accident where the driver is thrown off the vehicle and onto incoming traffic or the side of the road. Therefore, braking too hard may actually put your life in the balance by causing severe injuries.

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Anti-lock Brake Sytems – How They Work

Newer models of American motorcycles come fitted with anti-lock brake systems, and have been since 1988. This enables a vehicle to have the ability to stop fast without locking its wheels. Anti-lock brake systems work by sensing the rotation of the wheel per second, making it possible for them to regulate excessive breaking pressure experienced during breaking, lessening this pressure into manageable pulses. This then enables the driver to stop the vehicle as quickly as possible, keeping it upright at all times.

Does Your Bike Come With ABS?

While anti-lock brake systems have become standard, they’re not always included in all motorcycles. Some manufacturers are of the opinion that including them eats into their profits by increasing manufacturing costs. The fact is that it is negligent for your manufacturer or dealership to not inform you about the lack of ABS in your motorcycle, holding them responsible should you suffer an accident. Statistics point to the fact that motorcycles that come fitted with ABS are 37 percent less likely to experience accidents than those that have this system.

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Skilled bikers know that they ought to be careful when using the brakes on motorcycles due to the inherent instability of any two-wheeled vehicle. That being said, anti-lock brake systems are meant to give you the safety shield should you get into an accident. There are so many questions that usually come after experiencing a Chicago motorcycle accident, and letting our team of Illinois motorcycle accident attorneys delve into these to determine what caused yours is vital. If you’ve been injured, please contact our Chicago motorcycle injury lawyers right away at 1 (773) 825-3547 to learn more about what we can do for you. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.