The Importance of Witness Credibility in a Car Accident

In order to get compensated after sustaining a car accident, it is imperative that you show proof of the same. In these types of cases, there’s no other form of proof that is as powerful as witness testimony. That being said, this, together with car accident scene photos, copies of your medical bills as well as a written police report will all count towards a preponderance of evidence which will prove beyond reasonable doubt that the other party was at fault and that you deserve compensation for your injuries.

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Witness Credibility in a Car Accident

While testimony from someone witnessing a car accident is important, it must also be seen as credible in the eyes of the jury. Please note that a jury will always see any kind of testimony as biased since their word may skew the outcome in your favor. Because of this, you want to make sure that their credibility is assured by choosing someone who has ideal qualities that are usually seen in a credible witness.

Ideally, a credible witness is one that:

  • Has no prior criminal record
  • Has good memory and is not easily confused
  • Has near perfect eyesight and doesn’t regularly wear prescription eyeglasses
  • Does not drink or engage in drug use
  • Does not take a number of prescription medications that may alter their perception
  • Has a stellar work history
  • Is an upstanding member of his or her community
  • Has no interest in the outcome of the suit (friends and family are therefore disqualified)

Witness Credibility Unique to Car Accident Cases

There are a number of credibility factors that are only encountered in car accident cases. To begin with, we usually look at if the witness was operating a vehicle at the time of the accident. This kind of witness may be a problematic one because they may have been focused on driving as well as avoiding becoming a victim in the accident. In addition, we look at how near or far the witness was from the wreck, an important factor because those that were either pedestrians or in another car that was far enough from the accident would be more credible compared to those that were victims in the crash. Lastly, how much of the crash the witness was privy to will also play into their credibility as they needed to have seen the crash unfold in its entirety to be seen as someone who can provide lengthy and convincing testimony.

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