The Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury law is a vast legal ocean with many attorneys choosing to specialize in certain cases due to their passion, expertise or experience when it comes to dealing with these cases. That being said, we at McCready Law often see people come in to seek our services for 3 main types of legal claims in the personal injury domain.

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Auto Accidents

It goes without saying that car accidents are always happening on our roads, with many drivers still choosing to not follow traffic and road rules. This could be attributed to poor judgment, and a lot of the time, not carrying out safety protocol before getting on the road, or lack of maintenance such as in the case of large trucks could be two of the major causes of auto accidents. Car crashes don’t happen due to a fluke of bad luck: over 90 percent of all car accidents can be attributed to human negligence or error. Therefore, if people were more purposeful on our roads, we would see a decline in these numbers. It is estimated that 6 million individuals get into car accidents on a yearly basis, and 3 million suffer severe injuries.

Dangerous Drugs Lawsuits

Let’s face it: we are a country that’s in love with quick fixes, and the pharmaceutical company aggressively markets treatments and cures for almost any and every condition imaginable. Chronic illness and lifestyle diseases have meant that a large number of us take a pill for something every single day. It therefore should come as no surprise that many individuals suffer the ill effects of prescription drugs on a yearly basis. Pharmaceutical companies have been known to offer kickbacks to doctors who then prescribe these sometimes unnecessary drugs to their patients in an off-label manner. Pharmaceutical companies also obscure important health information regarding their medications just so they can make a profit for a certain amount of time before the law catches up with them. Therefore, mass tort cases for some common and widely used medications such as Zantac can run in the hundreds of thousands, making these cases one of the most prolific as far as personal injury is concerned.

Defective Devices Legal Claims

Retail is the country’s lifeblood, and because of this, the risk of getting injured by a device or appliance goes up on account of the lack of quality control when it comes to the retail industry. Many manufacturers push the envelope to make massive profits without caring about the end user and the risk of defective products passing through quality checks and control which for the most part is sorely lacking. It is therefore not a surprise that thousands of individuals can be hurt by items such as children’s toys that lack safety features, vehicles with defective brakes and electronics which were not properly insulated. Product liability lawsuits may only amass to a handful, but if looked at in terms of mass torts, thousands of individuals may be affected which are typically overseen by a singular law firm.

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