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America is home to a highly skilled, enthusiastic and hardworking workforce as evidenced by the number of industries that call our great country home. The labor industry prides itself in compensating workers appropriately as well as making sure that workers have the representation they need when it comes to employee rights. That being said, no two jobs are the same, and some people, whether by ignorance or choice, work in some of the most dangerous industries in the state.

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While the country has made strides in ensuring that the safety of workers is a priority through agencies such as OSHA, accidents still continue to occur in the hundreds of factories and manufacturing plants found all over the state. Workers in this industry run the risk of sustaining injuries due to defective machinery, poor or inadequate safety training, lack of sufficient safety clothing as well as overwork. That being said, most of the deaths that occur in this sector are due to transportation accidents.

Public Administration

Police, firefighters and legislative officials all seem to live exciting and somewhat charmed lives as they are often the subject of numerous news items during any given day as well as the inordinate amount of power they seem to wield over the lives of ordinary citizens.  However, what a lot of individuals don’t realize is that this is one of the most dangerous industries in which one can have a job due to the likelihood of assaults as well as violent acts meted out on workers in the line of duty.


Our economy relies on transportation to ensure the smooth provision of goods across the country. To this end, truck drivers are required to deliver items in sometimes unreasonable timeframes which can affect their ability to fully concentrate on the task at hand, making it more likely for them to be involved in accident. Truckers sustain accidents due to the long hours they put in, having to work in inclement weather as well as handling heavy rigs for the duration of their shifts.

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