The Most Dangerous Roads In Indiana

Indiana roads are some of the most dangerous in the country. As a driver in this region of the country, it’s important to keep your wits with you at all times and practice defensive driving, more so when you’re on certain roads in Indianapolis as well as major satellite cities such as Merrillville.

Accidents on Indiana’s I-65

Highway 65 is used by many when traveling to go to and from work, and it hasn’t been the safest of highways for years now. A lot of people speed excessively and drive in an aggressive manner on hwy 65 given the false sense of security they usually get from the two-lane highway. In addition, heavy traffic on I-65 doesn’t seem to help matters, and can only complicate a simple accident, turning it into a multi-car affair.

Around Indianapolis, here are some of the danger zones you should watch out for:

  • East 38th Street, encompassing Sherman Avenue to the State Fairgrounds
  • West 86th Street – Michigan and Harcourt
  • West Washington Street – I-465 all the way to Holt Road
  • West 38th Street, covering Moller Road to I-465

How To Protect Yourself

According to NHTSA data, 40 percent of all car crashes happen around intersections. This makes these areas hotspots wherever you are in Northwest Indiana, making it essential to pay attention to your surrounding as you pull up to an intersection. Make sure that you come to a full stop at red lights as well as street signs, and watch for any pedestrians around you since they may be coming from any direction. If you have to drive at night, have your lights on for the duration of your journey, and drive defensively because you can’t rely on other people to do so for your own safety.

Legal Help for Northwest Indiana Car Accidents

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