Help! The Other Driver Suggested Not To Go Through Insurance

You’re waiting for the red light to turn green at a traffic stop and all of a sudden, another motorist rams into the back of your car, causing damage as well as inducing a whiplash injury. Shaken, you manage to get out of your car, sore, in order to find out what just happened, as well as speak with the other driver. As you begin to figure out what led up to the accident, the other driver starts suggesting that the accident can be handled between the two of you and that you don’t need to involve insurance as they can pay you a sufficient amount to have your car fixed as well as cater for your medical bills. This sounds like a straightforward suggestion, right?

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The other driver may begin to haggle with you and coerce you into having them take care of your car damage and injuries. They may say that they know someone who can fix your car at an affordable rate, or they may argue that going the insurance or legal route may increase your premiums for both parties. In such cases, we advise our clients to always say NO.

Here are some of the reasons why a driver would suggest not taking the insurance route:

  • They have minimal coverage: The law makes it possible for drivers in Illinois to take out the minimum with regard to car insurance to cover things like bodily injury coverage as well as property damage. Given the fact that an average leg injury featuring a broken leg can cost upwards of $30,000, it would be unwise to try to work it out with the at-fault driver.
  • They have no insurance: there are a little over 10 percent of drivers in our state driving around with no insurance. This is something that most people are not aware of, thinking that one must have insurance before being allowed to operate a vehicle. This puts you at a great disadvantage, and will necessitate the services of a best Chicago personal injury law firm.
  • They may have been using another person’s car: Some drivers may use a friend’s or relative’s car, and they may not want to get the person who they most likely did not borrow the vehicle from to take the fall, so they will do everything in their power to cover up the whole incident, including offering to set up a local agreement with you.

Here’s Why It Is Vital To Report Your Illinois Car Accident

The idea here is that these individuals are avoiding the legitimization of the whole incident. By doing this, they may at one point turn around and claim that you caused the crash by, for example, not signaling when making a turn, thereby absolving them of any responsibility. Don’t take the chance; insurance and the law are on your side in such situations, and it is imperative that you use these resources.

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