The Role Of Breed In Dog Bites

Dogs are man’s best friend and a family favorite for a reason: these are animals that are a lot of fun, dependable, protective and faithful. The average American household has at least one, and as a nation, we’d do anything for our furry friends to make their lives happy and comfortable. That being said, there are certain breeds that are less than friendly, especially to strangers that may be walking in the vicinity. It’s no secret that attack dogs make up the highest number of dog bites in the country for reasons we’ll take a look at shortly.

Some individuals love big and aggressive dogs for a number of reasons. First, they are intimidating and may be able to better protect your home due to their sheer size. These dogs also fit the personalities of certain people who want a dog that’s outgoing and take some rough play and rough and tumble. An unsuspecting pedestrian or visitor to your premises, however, will not appreciate these animals should they suffer a dog bite from them.

Dangerous Dog Breeds That Account for Most Bites


This dog breed has been shown to account for more than 76 percent of all recorded human attacks between 2005 and 2015. This is one of the oldest known herding dog breeds, and it is fiercely protective as well as a canine that has a hair-trigger temper. They weigh about 110 pounds, and are as big as German Shepherds.

Pit Bull Terrier

Almost everyone is familiar with this dog breed on account of its short, squatty legs, and its infamousness as being a dog fight breed. This dog is so aggressive that in some states, you’re not allowed to breed them.

German Sheperd

These dogs made their debut in the 1880’s, so it’s a relatively new breed compared to the others. It can weigh up to 80 pounds, and stands at a height of 25 inches. This dog breed is very intelligent, and is the choice dog for law enforcement as well as security-oriented industries owing to the dog’s ability to take direction and make surgical strikes.

Dog Bites – What The Law Says

Other dogs that have the potential to bite without notice include huskies, Dobermans, Malamutes, Chow-Chows and Great Danes. At the end of the day, however, just because a dog bit you doesn’t mean it’s your fault. A dog owner should exercise reasonable care to protect other citizens from their aggressive dogs, failure to which they can be charged with negligence and asked to pay money and punitive damages.

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