The Safety Responsibilities of Business Owners

Business owners in Illinois are required to ensure that their premises as well as work conditions are conducive for all, whether client or employees. To this end, they are legally required to carry out arbitrary tasks or have them assigned to a supervisor or employee in order to keep said premises safe. Work injury lawyers represent those who are hurt in such environments by taking stock of what could have gone wrong by way of negligence in order to apportion liability to business owners on behalf of plaintiffs who sustained injuries.

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Business owners are required to do the following to ensure the safety of their premises:

  • Clean up spills
  • Make sure that there are no uneven sections of the floor to eliminate tipping
  • Repair loose or torn carpeting
  • Make sure staircases have handrails with sufficient grip
  • Remove debris, snow and ice from parking lots and sidewalks
  • Make sure the business premises have sufficient lighting
  • Position merchandize in safe places

Premises Liability Injuries

Injuries sustained by individuals who access the premises caused by the defects named above may cause minor bruises and scrapes to broken bones and traumatic brain injury if an individual falls from a height such as in the case of falling down a flight of stairs.

Improper Maintenance and Premises Liability Attorneys

Maintenance at any business premises should be an ongoing thing, as well as a regular occurrence. This could be in the form of cleaning up spills as soon as they occur, or making a wet area until a time it is mopped up. In addition, the premises should have clear signs to warn both employees and patrons of any potential danger spots so they can reasonably avoid them or modify the way they access said areas to ensure their safety. Failure to put up signs or perform proper maintenance could constitute negligence, opening up the establishment to a premises liability lawsuit.

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