The Surprising Psychological Effects of Spinal Cord Injury

A spinal cord injury can be life-changing and bring with it a unique set of challenges that nobody told you about. The mental toll this kind of injury takes on an individual is difficult to describe, and many victims struggle and stumble through life, trying to gain a certain level of normalcy in order to not give up complete hope. It is important to realize that there is life after spinal cord injury, and that by using certain coping strategies and professional resources available to you, you can live a relatively normal life and even achieve your dreams and goals. That said, it is important to reach out to an attorney if you were the victim of a spinal cord injury caused by the negligence of another  driver, due to a work-related event, or if you sustained the injury as a result of medical negligence. This will help you recover substantial compensation in order to get the treatment and therapy you need for a long time to come.

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Here are some of the psychological effects of spinal cord injury:

  1. Post –Traumatic Stress Disorder

A spinal cord injury can be painful, and it can leave lasting memories in a person’s psyche. Post-traumatic stress disorder is characterized by the victim experiencing flashbacks of the event as if it was happening in real time, all the time. Certain events or people may trigger these flashbacks, and the spinal cord injury patient may decide to avoid certain places, people and events for fear of triggering these flashbacks. Individuals with PTSD are also more likely to be emotionally numb, hypervigilant, become negative, engage in self-destructive behavior and have nightmares. PTSD is typically treated by a clinical psychologist.

  1. Depression

This is a mood disorder characterized by persistent feelings of negativity, errors in perception and low self-worth.  Depression is typically thought of being caused by chemical imbalance: however, traumatic events such as spinal cord injury can spark off what’s called situational depression. Individuals with spinal cord injury may have a problem with waking up, notice pattern changes in eating, experience low energy levels, may feel hopeless and unwanted, and may even experience suicidal ideation. When it comes to the people more affected by depression, women with spinal cord injury experience it more than men, and those who received care from someone who wasn’t their family member or wife or husband, as well as individuals experiencing total paralysis of the upper and lower body have it worse.

Help for Spinal Cord Injury Patients

It is important that you talk to someone about your psychological struggles after spinal cord injury as this will help speed up recovery and make it possible for you to gain some kind of autonomy sooner rather than later. Medications, therapy, group sessions, increasing physical activity where possible can all help mitigate the psychological effects of spinal cord injury.

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