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A head injury, whether minor or traumatic, must be treated with the urgency that it deserves. This is because your head houses perhaps the most important organ in your body, your brain, which if affected, can lead to the shutdown of neuronal communication or death, or a lifetime of neurological disability that can turn a once vibrant individual into a shadow of their former self. As one of Chicago’s top brain injury attorneys, we often get asked by clients – what is the value of my head injury claim? This is a complex question because no two injuries are the same, but it’s possible to approximate a value once we get to decipher all the details and then compare them with past similar cases to get an idea of what you will receive at the end of litigation.

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Types of Damages in TBI Claims in Chicago

Let’s start off by looking at the two categories of head injury damages, and what they mean. Special damages are named so because they look at damages for which money can be viewed as a comparable substitute in light of what the plaintiff lost. They include things like lost wages, lost earning capacity, property damages and medical expenses.

General damages, on the other hand, encompass non-economic losses which one really cannot put an exact dollar value on, but for the purposes of the law and fairness, we do. This includes damages for physical pain and suffering, mental anguish and shock, embarrassment and humiliation, emotional distress and loss of consortium.

How To Calculate Head Injury Damages – Illinois Head Injury Attorneys

In order to calculate damages in a Chicago head injury lawsuit, we’ll first have to calculate special damages. This is done by taking into account your injuries, the days off work you lost out on, the expected loss of income for x number of years if you find that you are unable to go back to work or have to switch careers, as well as all the medical expenses and the cost of replacing damaged property.

General damages, on the other hand, are calculated by taking special damages and multiplying them by anywhere from 1.5 to 5 times of special damages, commensurate with how severe your injuries were. This is where an injury journal will prove useful as it’s in this diary that you will be able to detail your pain, discomfort, emotional states and the extent of your injuries as well as your resultant limitations, all of which will play into the value of your general damages.

After you’re done with the two, add both damages together to get the total value of your Chicago head injury legal claim. This, however, isn’t the end; you will have to adjust this value in keeping with expenses you won’t take care off as well as the risks you will avert by not taking the Chicago head injury lawsuit to trial.

We’ll then work with you to compare this amount to recent TBI verdicts in Illinois as well as countrywide by using legal resources available to us via a Lexis or Westlaw search.

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