The value of law practice conferences

I spent two days this week at a conference. I like to attend conferences. This was not a seminar on how to improve my legal skills. The conference I attended was how to run a better law firm.  I get so much more value out of these conferences than I do CLE’s to improve my skills.  Unfortunately, most states do not allow credit for these types of conferences.  But, that doesn’t stop me from attending. 

There are many organizations and conferences which you can use to help you with your practice. As you know from these articles that I send out every Third Thursday, there are lots of things to learn. Many of the best ideas that I have shared with you over the years have come from conferences.

This particular conference was held by Vista Consulting from Louisiana. It focused exclusively on running a plaintiffs’ personal injury law firm. I found the information which they provided to be extremely helpful. However, it was geared toward personal injury.  But most practice areas have conferences dealing with law practice management.

Mind you, there are hundreds of CLE’s which will teach you the substantive area of law.  These are important too.  But a good conference on law practice management or marketing will provide a much better return on investment.
My colleagues often ask me why my firm seems to continue to grow and be prosperous? Many plaintiffs’ personal injury lawyers are struggling to find clients or to manage to make money as the insurance companies become more difficult. There are no secrets. A well run law practice is essential.

Over the years, I have focused on how to best run my practice like a business.  From personnel to marketing to accounting, this is the secret to my success.  I have always considered myself to be a good lawyer, but being a good lawyer, even a great lawyer, does not always equate to success. 

Practice management conferences deal with all aspects of how your practice runs. From your staff, to your electronic and digital infrastructure, to advertising and marketing, to how you deliver the legal services. Each of these areas can be improved and help contribute to a successful firm.

Most of my articles for third Thursday have dealt with some variation of these themes. So, if you want to know my secret, go back and re-read my Third Thursday articles. They are directly responsible for where my firm is now, and where I expect my firm to go.

Also, you should all know that. I am always willing and available to offer any advice that you may want regarding your practice. Keep up the good work and continue to work in your practice.