Tibia Fibula Fractures After a Northwest Indiana Car Accident

The tibia and fibula make up the bones found in the lower part of your leg, right after the knee. The tibia is commonly known as the shinbone, and it is the second strongest bone in your body. The fibula, on the other hand, is found to the right and left side of each of the tibia bones on either side, and it provides support to the shinbone. Tibia fractures after a Northwest Indiana accident are common, and they usually lead to bone protrusions outside of an open wound, necessitating prompt medical care.

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Tibia and fibula structures are common in Northwest Indiana car accident lawsuits because they form a part of the leg that is more often than not compressed by the many forces that are typical in your average Indiana car crash. This can happen by the metal in a car crumpling up during impact, getting the seat of a vehicle moving forward and into the dashboard, catching the lower leg, or via a T-bone accident in Indiana where the side of the car gets compressed by the violent forces of an accident.

Tibia and fibula injuries after an accident can involve the following types of fractures:

  • Closed or ope
  • Displaced or undsiplaced
  • Unstable or stable.

Tibia fibula fractures are considered medical emergencies due to the potential for blood to flow from the area and damage crucial blood vessels. On top of that, these fractures can result in infection which often morphs into gangrene, disfigurement, limited range of motion as well as dropped foot where one leg is shorter than the other

Tibia Fibula Broken Bones Settlement After an Indiana Car Accident

Tibia fibula settlement amounts in Indiana car accident cases vary, depending on factors such as whether the other driver who is presumed to have been negligent has sufficient insurance, whether or not you played a contributory role to the accident, your treatment costs, your future prospects with regard to work productivity and life enjoyment, and so much more.

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