Tips for Winning Your Injury Claim – Chicago Personal Injury Attorneys

What a lot of injured individuals don’t seem to understand is that just because you’ve been injured doesn’t entitle you to compensation. Personal injury law firms in Chicago will tell you that litigating any case takes into account a number of factors which must come together a la the perfect storm in order for you to have leverage and get compensated by either way of a lawsuit or negotiations with the other party’s insurance company.

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Seek Treatment

The first thing that you must do is seek treatment for your injuries so they are not only documented, but they are seen by a professional who will write an objective medical report, cementing your allegations. Delaying even by a day will make it seem that your injuries aren’t consequential and that you don’t need a certain amount of compensation, or weren’t injured and are just trying to seek out compensation as an afterthought in an opportunistic manner. As you seek out treatment, make sure to take any and all medications as directed, and keep in touch with your doctor as well as attend all appointments in order to have an exhaustive medical history that will stand up to scrutiny

Don’t Overlook Any Form of Evidence

If possible, save the item that played a pivotal role in your injury. For instance, if you tripped over a tool left over by repairmen at work, place it in a plastic bag and store it safely. In addition, keep any torn clothes as well as broken heels and ruined shoes, and anything that may be soaked in blood as a result of your injury. All these items add weight to the case and may actually shorten litigation or negotiation time given the fact that evidence, in most cases, speaks for itself. Lastly, take a mental note of any surveillance cameras in the area that you fell so we can subpoena the establishment in order to extract video evidence in a timely manner.

Document any Losses

Lastly, but certainly not least, ensure that you keep all your pay stubs, 1099 and W2 forms as well as tax returns and any other documents which prove financial losses (this includes out of pocket medical expenses) so we can know the exact amount to ask for as we prepare your legal brief.

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