Tips on How to Negotiate With Progressive Insurance After an Injury

If you’re like any other American, you’ve taken out insurance policies with insurance giants such as Progressive for your home, auto or life insurance needs. Each month, you diligently pay your premiums in the hopes that Progressive Insurance will be there for you in your time of need. It therefore comes as a huge shock when an injured individual approaches an insurance adjuster with a claim, and medical bills, and is met by a low offer that won’t even cover the cost of one procedure after having sustained an accident. Progressive’s funny commercials belie the heartless manner in which their adjusters treat injured individuals at their time of need.

Have an accident claim that you’d like tips on with regard to how to deal with Progressive Insurance? Before speaking with anyone at Progressive, please give us a call NOW at (773) 825-3547 to learn more about your legal options for compensation. Dealing with Progressive is a frustrating affair, and they WILL low-ball you at the end of it all. Remember, Progressive Insurance’s calculator is impartial and doesn’t take into account fault or liability, which means that you won’t receive the true value of your case. Please contact McCready Law and benefit from the decades we’ve worked defending injured individual’s claims after getting hurt. The first call is on us, and there’s absolutely no obligation.

Getting In Touch with Progressive After an Injury

Progressive is among the Top 5 insurance providers in the country, and it is a Fortune 500 company thanks to the billions it makes every year when it comes to revenue. In addition, it markets itself aggressively in the media, with prime time slots for its ads on an almost daily basis. Progressive ads are fun, funny and quirky, and they are bound to catch anyone’s attention. That said, people are drawn in by their ads without doing much research on the company’s practices, which they find out only too late are unethical, unreasonable and inhumane.

Never Give Progressive Insurance a Recorded Statement

When you first get in touch with a Progressive insurance adjuster, they’re going to want that you provide them with a recorded statement. This is ill-advised because anything you say may release Progressive Insurance from any liability, or drastically drive down the value of your claim.

If you haven’t spoken to a Progressive agent, you should never:

  1. Admit Fault

Never say things that can be translated to you as being at fault. This includes being apologetic, stating that you never saw the other driver, or you weren’t looking where you were going etc. Just keep your answers short and sweet, and when in doubt, ask to call them back and then call us at (773) 825-3547.

  1. Give Them Information Regarding Your Injuries

It is important that you understand that any off-the-cuff comment about your injuries or of you not being hurt “too bad” can be used should you decide to litigate as proof that what you are seeking in compensation isn’t commensurate with your injuries. Your work is not to offer commentary on your injuries: let a doctor examine you and have him send Progressive Insurance your medical records so we can ensure maximum compensation.

Lawyers to Fight Progressive Insurance Claims – Call Us Today!

How do you negotiate with Progressive Insurance after you’ve been injured? The answer? DON’T. CALL US first at (773) 825-3547 for your free legal consultation and we’ll secure a settlement that’s tens of times more than what Progressive Insurance will ever offer you. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.