Tow Truck Accidents in Indiana

Truck Accidents

Tow trucks serve an invaluable purpose to drivers who may find themselves in the middle of the road, with their car broken down. Life is unpredictable, and these things happen when you least expect them. Tow trucks are large vehicles which may cause all manner of accidents on our Indiana roads for reasons we’ll take a look at shortly.

How Tow Trucks Cause Accidents

Tow trucks usually have large blind spots on account of the vehicle they are towing along. This makes it more likely for the driver to make bad judgment calls and cause catastrophic accidents. If you’ve ever been behind a tow truck, you know how hard it is to determine whether the truck is about to break or stop due to obstructed break lights. This makes rear end crashes with these vehicles very common on our Indiana roads.

Tow Truck Driver Licensing

Truck drivers who operate tow trucks are required to have a Commercial Driving License. That being said, the authorities that issue this kind of license aren’t strict or diligent on ensuring that training is done in the right manner and that those that are involved in accidents are taken off our Indiana roads. In fact, statistics point to the fact that only a mere third of all truck drivers are properly licensed and trained, a worrying number indeed.

Here are some other causes of towing truck accidents in Indiana:

  • Distracted driving due to drivers being on their phones, tablets or fiddling with their radios.
  • Drunk driving which impairs judgment and depth perception.
  • Aggressive driving which may cause the towed car to come unlatched and careen into oncoming traffic
  • Lack of signaling by the tow truck driver when wanting to change lanes or merge
  • Fatigue which may make it hard for a truck driver to be fully present while driving
  • Poorly maintained tow trucks coming apart on the road.

Legal Help for Tow Truck Accidents in Indiana

By comparison, tow trucks in Indiana weight so much more than your average American sedan. This makes them veritable weapons and agents of mass destruction that can cause unimaginable injuries to other road users. If you’ve been injured by a careless truck driver in Indiana, you shouldn’t have to foot your own hospital bills. Simply get in touch with us on 877-561-3004 for your free and confidential consultation and we’ll go about helping you file an Indiana personal injury lawsuit. Thanks for choosing us.