Train Accidents In Northwest Indiana

Personal Injury

Millions of Americans rely on the railway system to get to work, school or a different part of the city or town in a timely manner. In addition, the railway system transports goods from ports to where they are needed over long distances. Train accidents and derailments happen regularly each year, and these receive a lot of press coverage due to their sensational nature. Train accidents in Northwest Indiana usually involve multiple people and result in serious injuries which may need extensive and long-time treatment.


Train derailments and accidents can happen in a number of ways:


  • A train may get off its designated track due to driver inattention and end up getting derailed, leading to carriage detachment and serious accidents.
  • A train may collide with another due to poor coordination and receiving improper route updates.
  • A car at a train intersection may get on the tracks due to a malfunctioning barrier, leading to a T-bone accident which almost always ends up being catastrophic.
  • Train workers repairing rails may do so with incorrect information regarding the closure of certain sections. Soon enough, a train comes barreling down the tracks, crushing some of the workers underneath it.


Train accident victims usually include one of the following:


  • Train workers
  • Passengers
  • Train drivers
  • Car drivers
  • Pedestrians and other bystanders


Derailments usually cause the most damage and injuries, and they can be attributed to one or more of the following:


  • Faulty equipment
  • Track obstacles
  • Poorly maintained tracks
  • Carrying too much cargo leading to train instability at higher speeds


It is important to note that train collisions and derailments aren’t the only causes of train-related injuries in Indiana. If you slipped and fell at the train station while waiting for your train, you may be able to sue the city council. In addition, if you sustained an injury as a worker for the train company, you may also be able to recover compensation under the Federal Employees Liability Act.


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