Trampoline Park Injuries In Northwest Indiana

Trampoline parks weren’t commonplace in Indiana until about a decade ago. These days, families head out to these parks to spend an afternoon jumping on the facilities in a safe and fun environment. That being said, these parks aren’t as safe as the owners would like you to believe. In addition, just because you signed a waiver doesn’t mean that you can’t file an Indiana trampoline injury lawsuit if you get injured.

Premises Liability in Northwest Indiana

When you enter a trampoline park, you are, under premises liability law, considered an invitee. As an invitee, you are supposed to be provided a certain standard of care by the manager in charge. This means that they should provide you with safety instructions or gear, make sure that the hinges, fences and poles are all working as they should, have staff to monitor and discourage any reckless behavior, provide first aid if it is needed, and so on and so forth. Failure to do this can constitute negligence which may open up possibilities for an Indiana trampoline park injury lawsuit.

Multiple Defendants

It is also important to note that these kinds of injuries almost always involve a multitude of guilty parties. For instance, you can sue the trampoline manufacturer if our law firm discovers that they did not manufacture their product up to standard or never placed warning and safety signs on them.

Injuries Can Be Costly to Treat

Trampoline park injuries in Indiana tend to be serious and life-changing. Instances of severed feet, broken bones, broken spines, head injuries, eye injuries and others are very common, and they usually require prompt medical attention. This is something that you shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket if we can definitively show a correlation between negligent actions of the owners of the Indiana trampoline park and your injuries.

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