Travel Reimbursement and Federal Workers’ Compensation

Traveling for medical procedures and related tasks can get expensive if you have to go back and forth every few weeks. As a result, OWCP has come up with a program which reimburses you for travel-related expenses when it comes to federal workers’ compensation. That being said, this programs has terms and conditions which you must meet if you are looking to qualify.

Here’s an overview of some of the medical procedures that qualify for travel reimbursement:

  1. Lab visits
  2. Prescription pick-up
  3. Doctor or clinic appointments
  4. Long-distance medical appointments

This kind of reimbursement has a mileage limit which is less than 200 miles. In addition, you must fill in an OWCP-957 form which you can find here  as well as send it back to OWCP in a timely manner.

Long Distance Travel and Federal Workers’ Compensation

If you are looking to travel long distances that will take you hundreds of miles away from your home, the OWCP requires that you submit a formal request for consideration. Approval for this type of travel usually is done if OWCP deems that your request is reasonable. To determine whether your request is reasonable, OWCP will look at the nature of your health condition, service availability, and your transportation means. Please note that you’re always encouraged to take the shortest route, and always choose public transportation to save on costs. However, should you not be able to use public means, you may be allowed the use of a taxi if your condition is serious and disabling or carries an infective health risk to the members of the public.

The Role of Central Bill Processing

With regard to payments, the Central Bill Process will handle all these, so all receipts should be sent to them along with the appropriate travel codes. Since traveling can incur incidental charges, it is important to note that you may be asked to provide original receipts should you exceed any expenses by over $75. Lastly, please remember to correctly invoice all expenses together with their respective codes or you run the risk of not receiving reimbursement.

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