Two year recap

This e-mail marks the 24th e-mail in the Third Thursday series and this is my two year recap. I guess you must be getting some use out of it if you haven’t unsubscribed yet. What started out as an e-mail to my referring attorneys has grown into something much larger. While my referring attorneys still receive the Third Thursday newsletter, I have had attorneys I do not even know request to be added after receiving one of my articles. The nature of this e-mail is such that not everything I write about will apply to everyone who receives it. But, hopefully you have gotten something out of these articles. Writing them is cathartic to me as well. I thought this an appropriate time to list my past topics for those who may have use to go back and reference them. So, in the order they were written, the Third Thursday topics and my two year recap are as follows:

The importance of marketing
Militant time management
Business cards
Cloud computing
Disaster planning
Declining cases
Referring cases to other lawyers
When to hire staff
How to hire staff
How to fire staff
My favorite things
Office manuals
Branch offices
Work-life balance
Directory assistance
Pareto principle
Cross selling
The little things
Twelve week year
Making the most of charity
Mobile friendly web sites
Cutting costs at the office
24 month recap

Wow! That is a lot of ground I’ve covered. Some of the topics were suggestions from attorneys. I am always looking for new topics, so please let me know if you have any ideas. As always, I am grateful of your referrals in personal injury, workers’ compensation and disability cases.