Unknown Reasons Why You Never Hear From Your Lawyer

Personal injury law, for the layman, is a complicated and mysterious thing. From the moment you pick up the phone to get connected to an attorney who will take on your case to the moment you get a check for your settlement, a lot goes on that most people will not only not understand, but will be left frustrated by. A lot of people usually ask “is it normal to hear from your lawyer?”, or “I haven’t heard from my lawyer in 2 months.” While these are valid questions, the fact that the legal profession is filled with complexities, back and forth negotiations, requirements that need to be met by the judicial system can all frustrate the average claimant who just wants a speedy resolution.

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The reality is that, if an attorney takes on your claim, they know that they will require sufficient time to investigate it. These investigations will take months as they may need to file notices as well as give investigators time to find information on the circumstances behind a claim before they are sure they can move ahead with sufficient evidence. For instance, they may send a request to have your medical records released by doctors or hospitals. What a lot of clients don’t realize, however, is having these documents released can take weeks, or even months.

Experts May Have Full Schedules for Months

Next, your best personal injury attorney will consult with experts, but only after reviewing the case material in a painstaking manner, page by page, in order to have lengthy discussions with these individuals. Remember, these experts won’t just be sitting idly waiting for your injury lawyer to call them; more often than not, they will be working on multiple cases, and will only have a short time window in which to consult with your injury attorney. Getting their attention and setting up meetings, again, may take weeks, or months.

I Never Hear From My Lawyer – Too Busy, Perhaps?

Another reason why you never hear from your lawyer could be that he is way too busy. The average law firm will adequately staffed with certain departments or individuals handling specific claims. During certain times of the year, the activity ramps up, and attorneys find themselves knee deep in claims, depending on the specialty they focus on. However, an attorney being too busy may be indicative of incompetence or them biting off way more than they can chew. This is where we come in. While it is never a good idea to abandon a personal injury claim, you would be doing yourself a huge favor if you contacted another law firm to see if your ongoing injury lawsuit can be referred to them. Different injury attorneys have different ways of working – some, due to experience, access to resources, their ability to negotiate expertly with insurance companies, may get you compensated in a few short months.

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