Unknown Reasons Why Your OPM Disability Benefits Claim Was Denied

After years of service to the federal government, it may sound cruel for them to issue a denial letter in response to your application for FERS benefits. Even when you’re so injured that it may make sense to receive disability benefits, the reality, however, is quite different. FERS benefits are available to injured federal workers who have suffered a disabling injury or the worsening of an occupational illness or the development of the same during the performance of work duties.

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Here are some of the reasons why your FERS compensation may be denied:

  1. Insufficient or Inadequate Evidence

A good FERS disability attorney knows that medical evidence is the Holy Grail when it comes to being approved for compensation as an injured federal worker. They will therefore closely work with you when it comes to sourcing all the medical evidence and making sure that you meet all deadlines required. In addition, they will help you access great doctors with prior experience of assessing the medical conditions of injured federal workers and writing up objective medical reports as required by OPM.

  1. Not Having a Valid Reason Why You’re Unable to Work

Your medical report must show a valid and reasonable connection between your injury and how it stops you from performing certain work-related duties. This causation must be clear-cut and stand up to OPM scrutiny when your file arrives at their office. Again, your medical evidence is what will really add the most weight, so speak with us at (773) 906-4159 for access to our network of OPM conversant doctors and stellar legal representation.

  1. Failure to Comply With Medical Treatment Recommendation

If you are asked to undergo a certain treatment procedure such as wearing a back brace, having surgery or get prescribed certain pills to help manage your condition, it is in your best interests to attend all medical appointments and acquiesce to all medical treatment recommendations. If you decide that this treatment isn’t something that’s for you, OPM will determine that you do not need FERS disability compensation as you have nothing wrong that requires treatment due to your denial of the same.

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When it comes to federal compensation for injured workers, a denial should never be seen as definite: be advised and encouraged that appeals are possible, and with a bit of organization, getting the best legal representation and not giving up will end up in your claim being accepted the second time round. Ready to speak with a FERS compensation lawyer? Please get in touch with us NOW at (773) 906-4159 to learn more about your legal options for compensation.