Unknown Secrets to Winning Golf Course Injury Claims

A day spent on the golf course teeing off shouldn’t end with an injury if all proper safety protocols are followed. A golf course is one of the most unlikeliest places for an accident according to public opinion: however, the reality tells a different story: there are many hazards on a golf course, some of which include malfunctioning carts, poorly managed grounds and inadequate security, all of which can conspire to cause an injury that can be life-threatening and need immediate medical care, sometimes even disabling the individuals.

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Here are some of the most common causes of golf course injuries:

  1. Tripping due to poorly done landscaping
  2. Being hit by high velocity golf balls
  3. Golf cart accidents
  4. Getting hit by a golf club
  5. Slipping in common areas due to poor maintenance

Golf course injury lawsuits can cover various legal tenets such as:

  • Product liability: This happens when a defective club, a poorly manufactured golf cart or similar product, due to a design defect, causes your injuries
  • Premises liability: This could happen in the case of slipping and falling in the golf course bathroom or hallways due to improper premises maintenance
  • Negligence – This could happen when you get hit by an inebriated or intoxicated golfer’s club

Golf course injuries run the gamut, with the most common ones being:

  1. A head injury
  2. A sprain
  3. Broken bones from a fall
  4. Mouth, eye or nose injury
  5. Lacerations

Who is Responsible for My Golf Course Injury?

In order to apportion responsibility when it comes to golf course injuries, our best golfing injuries lawyers will need to know as much as is possible about the injury, who was there, the circumstances around it and so on in order to find a culpable party or parties. This may take the form of court orders to have access to any security footage, interviewing people that were present during the interview and so on. In addition to this, we’ll consolidate your damages such as lost wages, cost of medical treatment, pain and suffering, emotional anguish, loss of consortium, legal fees and so much more to come up with a reasonable figure to present to the other party’s insurance company and attorneys.

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Golf club injuries may be subject to a statute of limitations which typically tends to be up to 2 years from the date of your injury. After this period has elapsed, you may not be able to file a golfing injury lawsuit. Save time and call us TODAY(773) 906-4159 for your free legal consultation into golfing injury lawsuits. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.